Slow PC Speed

Do you have an old and crappy laptop or PC that starts freezing every single second? Well, sometimes your PC has issues that make it even slower.

We know you don’t your work to be disturbed by your computer with slow speed. Assuming most people are working from home nowadays, a slow-speed PC can turn your daily tasks into nightmares.

Sometimes specific programs can make your PC slower and turns your work experience worse.

Similarly, a fragmented hard disk can be a problem too.

And, if your browser makes your PC slower, it can just be your browser. Maybe it’s time for updates, my friend.

What Can You Do to Fix Slow Speed on PC?

Slow speed on a computer depends on many things like RAM, running programs, hardware, etc. Do the following things to fix most speed-related issues.

  1. Check if your hard disk has enough space left. Less space can slow down PC, and you should have at least 15-20 GB left.
  2. Do you have enough RAM? 4 GB minimum. The more, the merrier.
  3. If your hardware is like a decade old, change it. Older hardware doesn’t work well with new software and operating systems.
  4. Defragment the hard disk.
  5. Close programs running in the background. Multiple running programs can slow down a computer.
  6. Delete the software and applications that you don’t use.

And, if you still face slow speed, TechGeeks will do the speed optimization for your computer. Our technical staff will resolve your slow speed in no time.