Tech Support Scams

TechGeeks USA is a registered company that genuinely wants to help people with technical problems.

Unfortunately, some fake tech support companies have made a terrible reputation for the tech support services business in the market.

They will call you and will tell you about a problem that is not even there! Later, they will ask for your credit card information, send you some fake email, or ask you to use a money transfer application.

Unlike those fake ones, our certified technicians won’t ask for any private information from you. They will only ask questions regarding the problem.

How to know if you are dealing with a tech support scammer?

So, the following things may help you differentiate between scammers and original tech support services:

Pop-up Ads

Some tech support scammers dare to run ads to trap their prey. These ads appear on sites that earn through such pop-up ads. Although, most websites are not aware that scammers use their sites to fraud people.

If you ever see such fake pop-up ads that tell you about some tech support company, just close the page immediately.

Fake Calls

They will make fake calls to tell you lies like your PC has this problem, and we can do this to help. And, later, such scammers usually ask for your private information like credit card numbers, payment IDs, or SSN.

Avoid giving sensitive information to get rid of scams.

Online listings and ads

A very few tech support defrauders list their fake businesses on business listings and place online ads to win people’s trust.

Such scammers are hard to differentiate because they will show you proof for almost anything to prove that they are genuine.

But once they ask you for sensitive information, you know it’s time to hang up.

TechGeeks USA will never ask you for such sensitive information, as we are an authentic company looking to serve people with our tech support services.

We are highly against such scams and hope that you stay from them.