Wifi Setup / Fix

The internet has become a necessity for years now; it’s hard to imagine life without it. Work or study from home is possible now, thanks to the wide availability of the internet.

Whether you use it to get information or entertainment content, it plays a vital role in our lives.

If the router goes down, it makes many of us restless. Sometimes it may cause slow internet, or the internet wouldn’t work at all. Yes, it’s pretty annoying; we all have been there.

So, are you facing any Wi-Fi issues? Let TechGeeks take care of it.

We have certified technicians that can resolve your modem/router issues in a few hours. With our best practices and the right tools, fixing a router/modem is a piece of cake.

But before you reach out to get our help, you can do the following things to try to fix it yourself:

  1. Restart the router
  2. Check if the internet is down. Ask your ISP if it’s fine on their end.
  3. Run an internet speed test online if the internet is slow.
  4. Try visiting different websites.
  5. Test Wi-Fi on other devices.
  6. Check connection with a different ethernet cable. Your current cable can be a problem if you are using LAN.
  7. If the router is old, change it. Sometimes an old router can be a bad apple.

Still, your router doesn’t work? No worries, TechGeeks will take it from here. Resolving the router and modem issues is easy for us. Contact us now to get your modem and router fixed.